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Wedding only happens once in your life. 

To capture every moment and the touching times at your wedding, this is the only mission of us.


T. Art Wedding was established in 2010 in Hong Kong, 2019 in London. We committed to record your moment in nature. We believe that peoples are the most important part of a wedding. We are focus on the relationship between peoples. To record for each unique wedding is our responsibility.


T. Art


Hong Kong . London

Connect with Your Emotion
Through Inspiring Visual Storytelling
Meet with us

Feel free to email or leave a message to set up a meeting with our sales representative to know more about us. We will show you more work related to your wedding.

How the Process

Choose your service

I believe you must fall in love with our work. And our sales representative already told you more about our service. So you can let us know what you need for your wedding. We will assist you to choose the service that suits you.

Rundown Meeting

Before a month of your wedding. Please share the schedule of your wedding to us. We love to set up a meeting with you and our video director. You may tell us more about your styling and theme of your wedding. Our video director will help to make your wedding video more personal and unique. 

Our Director

Shirley Mok

Our only female director on board carries a very distinct work style. She picks up tiny yet memorable little details, handling weddings in great nicety. You may think she is quiet, but her video work says a thousand words of love.

Don Li

While you enjoy yourself in the wedding bustling with excitements and laughter, Don promises to capture every special moment of you. As an enthusiast to challenges, he works excellent in a grand, meticulous environment. Rushing guests and busy ballrooms are not to disrupt his quality work.

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Contact Us

Tell us about your wedding
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